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CWC Hall of fame 2010
Le Royal-Dragons

CWC Spring 2010
Oudinot - Duroc - Broglie

CWC Autumn 2010
Oudinot - Duroc - Broglie

FTT 1vs1 2010

CFTW 2vs2 2010
Nansouty - Alpha

CFTW 2vs2 2010
Oudinot - Walther

CFTW 1vs1 2010

CFTW 2vs2 2010
Oudinot - Walther

CW Last Campaign 2011
Alpha - Nansouty

The Lordz

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 CWC cwc CWC

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De Oudinot

Carnet militaire.
Affecté Affecté : Etat-Major

MessageSujet: CWC cwc CWC   Jeu 21 Avr - 8:01

le CWC commence , et c'est du 3vs3 .

Ah! si je les aimais! je pense bien que je les aimais! je les ai tous fait tuer!
Nicolas-Charles Oudinot, Marechal d'Empire, Duc de Reggio.
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De Walther

Carnet militaire.
Affecté Affecté : 4eme corps

MessageSujet: Re: CWC cwc CWC   Jeu 21 Avr - 12:55

Moi suis toujours chaud pour ****** du gas d'en face
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Carnet militaire.
Affecté Affecté : Réserviste

MessageSujet: CWC cwc CWC   Lun 2 Mai - 15:34

Bon ,

j'ai peut etre obtenu (c'est pas encore du 100%) une deuxiéme equipe dragons dans ce tournoi ,qui seraient composés de Massena,Montcalm, Davout , Thor ,....ou autres

format de la réponse de l'admin ,

Have you on second standby as Royal Dragons2.

Have to wait untill the end of next week (midnight GMT May 6th) to see who all is comming.

We will fit you in if possible (must be in First Round or not at all).
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Masséna V corps-Les Dieux

Carnet militaire.
Affecté Affecté : 5e Corps

MessageSujet: Re: CWC cwc CWC   Lun 2 Mai - 18:08

ta vu avec l admin davout ?
j ai envoyé une requete aussi avec toi moi et montcalm
bref il verra qu on est motivé mort de rire
c est sur le forum du cwc que je lui est envoyé un mp hier j 'attends la réponse mais si tu as deja vu avec lui je lui dit de finir avec toi sa sera plus simple ton anglais est largement meilleur
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Carnet militaire.
Affecté Affecté : Réserviste

MessageSujet: CWC cwc CWC   Lun 2 Mai - 19:23


j'ai vu avec l'admin , c'est cool d'avoir ausi posté ,effectivement cela montre que l'on est motivé

super !!!
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Carnet militaire.
Affecté Affecté : 2e corps

MessageSujet: Re: CWC cwc CWC   Mar 3 Mai - 22:37

Vas-y Davout tout le DFC est derrière toi! (on est que deux mais on y croit!)p
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Carnet militaire.
Affecté Affecté : Réserviste

MessageSujet: reglement cwc   Dim 8 Mai - 14:06

Clan Wars Competition –Top Team Tournament XXVIII

Spring 2011 Championship

Regulations v 1.1
Clans will be held responsible for the behavior of all of their members, with any disrespectful behavior anywhere in our community, costing that Clan the privilege to participate in this competition.
We require that all the players always use English as a matter of courtesy and transparency in the negotiation threads.

Knowledge of the content and meaning of the competition regulations is the responsibility of each individual Clan. Please ask for help if there is anything you do not understand, as ignorance of the Rules will be no excuse.

1. This a 3v3 Contest for Shogun 2 Total War, using the Classic Battles mode.
2. All Teams are required to have one additional player present for all Matches (4 total), to act as a replacement backup if needed.
3. Each individual Team must be represented by an individual Emissary, with no cross-over players or Emissaries, in a given Round.

2. This will a best 2 out of 3 Battles, Blind Draw, Single Elimination competition, with map assignments posted by Admin, in the Battle Assignment for the Round to be played.

3. Teams must use the Battle Assignment threads created to negotiate date and time for their Battles. If they use another system (like Steam chat) they must post any agreements in their Battle Assignment threads.
4. Lack of activity or failure to coordinate a date and time will result in a technical loss of the Match.
If you are not active enough or unfortunately cannot be active as the tournament goes on, please say so and gracefully retire from the Contest with honor.
1. Attacker/Defender
The role of who attacks first will be chosen randomly when the Battle Assignments are made, with the first Team in the Battle Assignment listing being the Attacker in the first Battle
The only requirement intended being that if the Battle progress is stalled, the designated Attacker is required to advance, and move the Battle forward.

Teams will then fight all of the following Battles of the particular Match, alternating the role of Attacker and Defender.

2. Factions
No same factions allowed within a Battle, with faction choosing as follows.
Player 1 from attacking side picks first
Player 1 from defending side picks second
Player 2 from attacking side picks third
Player 2 from defending side picks fourth
Player 3 from attacking side picks fifth
Player 3 from defending side picks last

Please call out which faction you will pick in the above order, when requested by the host.
Each player can only use the same faction twice, and not in back-to-back games. For example; if a player picks Takeda for the first game, that player cannot use that faction again until the third game.
Hattori not allowed in the tournament, as not every player has access to this faction.
3. Starting Countdown

In the interest of fairness and good sportsmanship, and as a convention of our contest community, we ask that no player click to start the post-deployment countdown into our contest Battles.

The game Host is responsible to ask and confirm that all are ready to begin the Battle, and is the only player authorized in our competitions to start that countdown.

Re-Hosting can be requested should any other player initialize the countdown prematurely, and there is an objection to proceeding as is.
4. Results
The results must be posted with a capture by the winning Team of the Match. The replays must be saved for an optional public diffusion at the end of the Contest. The losing team must confirm the result as a matter of sportsmanship.
5. Unit Restrictions
No Artillery Allowed : To include Mangonels, Cannons, and Rockets.
Any other restrictions are left to the Teams to decide. Both Teams must agree to any extra restrictions. If an agreement cannot be reached, then the Contest Administration will appoint a solution.
If a player picks an incorrect unit or faction, and the error is detected before engagement (first kill), the Battle must be rehosted with same factions, deployment areas and armies, and proper corrections. The corrected army must be the most similar possible to the incorrect one.
If the Battle is played with incorrect units or factions, and no one catches the error before engagement, the result will count and it cannot be accepted or used in future allegations.
6. Battle conditions.
Battle Type: Land
Map: Assigned in Match Battle Assignments
Funds: Medium (10k)
Season: Spring
No Key Buildings, Night, Rain, or Fog allowed
Unit Size: Medium
Battle Difficulty: Normal

No use of archer Screens or matchlock Bamboo Walls.

1. Corner Camping
Positioning an army in the corner of a map to take advantage of the red-lines to support your flanks is against the rules.
The criteria for a charge of corner camping would include these three things:
A. In-the-corner positioning of a body of forces to intentionally take advantage of that corner as a defensive mechanism.
B. Proximity of that body of forces to the red-lines, inhibiting out-maneuvering on either flank, meaning both red-lines must be close enough to the troop line to prohibit enemy flanking.
C. A period of over three minutes in that position, without showing signs of an attempt to break the appearance of camping; that would demonstrate that this was a temporary maneuvering error.
2. Drops
First drop by a Team, the Battle must be replayed.

Second drop by the same Team, the problematic player must be replaced and Battle replayed.

Third drop by the same Team will be an automatic loss, and win for the other Team.
Extended Considerations
Obvious Advantage: If a player drops while the other Team has an obvious advantage (as indicated by the battle bar) then the Team with the winning advantage can either choose to replay the Battle, or claim the win. Screenshots or replay must be submitted in order to claim the win.
Slight Advantage: If one Team has only a slight advantage, the Battle is to be replayed with same factions, armies, and conditions. Unless this is the second try at completing the same Battle, and same Team with a slight disadvantage has a drop. The Team with the winning advantage can then either choose to refight the Battle, or claim the win (as above).
3. Inactivity
The lack of effort to arrange and complete Battles before the Match deadline will result in a forfeit of the Match. Administration will evaluate effort according to the activity posted in the Battle Assignment, including evidences of different ways to arrange the battles (captures of Steam chat, etc.).

A technical victory will be awarded to the team which made a greater effort, or both teams could be forfeit, if neither is considered to have done enough.

Only if both teams show enough activity, will an extension be awarded.
4. Bugs and Exploits
It is forbidden to use known bugs or exploits in the game. Intentional use is considered dishonorable behavior, and could cost the entire Clan (all Teams) the privilege to play in this Contest.

The discovering of new bugs or exploits must be publicly communicated. There is no excuse for using an exploit, simply because it was not explicitly forbidden in the Rules.

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Carnet militaire.
Affecté Affecté : Réserviste

MessageSujet: CWC cwc CWC   Dim 8 Mai - 14:07

le Royal dragons 2

nos adversaires sont les Invictus , Massena, Montcalm aux armes !!! un petit training pour se caler serait cool !!!
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Contenu sponsorisé

MessageSujet: Re: CWC cwc CWC   

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