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CWC Hall of fame 2010
Le Royal-Dragons

CWC Spring 2010
Oudinot - Duroc - Broglie

CWC Autumn 2010
Oudinot - Duroc - Broglie

FTT 1vs1 2010

CFTW 2vs2 2010
Nansouty - Alpha

CFTW 2vs2 2010
Oudinot - Walther

CFTW 1vs1 2010

CFTW 2vs2 2010
Oudinot - Walther

CW Last Campaign 2011
Alpha - Nansouty

The Lordz

 NTW3 version 4.0 est sorti !!!

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NTW3 version 4.0 est sorti !!! Empty
MessageSujet: NTW3 version 4.0 est sorti !!!   NTW3 version 4.0 est sorti !!! I_icon_minitimeDim 1 Juin - 0:54

NTW3 version 4.0 est sorti !!! V4_pro10

Fellow generals and officers,

After a 4th year of development, we're (really-really) proud to announce the 4th version of our beloved and epic NTW3 modification !

NTW3 version 4.0 is now featuring:

  • 611 Units (76 new)
  • 145 Maps (9 new)
  • 23 Historical Battles (2 new)
  • Fully functional SP campaign (oh yeah !!!)
  • Commodore Wesleys New MP Naval-Mod
  • Numerous uniform corrections
  • Gameplay improvements
  • Aaaaand 6 New Factions



NTW3 version 4.0 est sorti !!! K136y42srdbn4n26g

  • NTW3 version 4.0 est sorti !!! Baden10 Großherzogtum Baden
  • NTW3 version 4.0 est sorti !!! Berg10 Großherzogtum Berg
  • NTW3 version 4.0 est sorti !!! Bruns10Herzogtum Braunshweig
  • NTW3 version 4.0 est sorti !!! Hannov10 Königreich Hannover
  • NTW3 version 4.0 est sorti !!! Hesse10 Großherzogtum Hessen
  • NTW3 version 4.0 est sorti !!! Rheinb10 Rheinbund
  • NTW3 version 4.0 est sorti !!! Sardin10 Regno di Sardignia



NTW3 version 4.0 est sorti !!! Ljagnyja06m1hr26g



NTW3 version 4.0 est sorti !!! Fj6bz58iaq1kzns6g



New MP features.

NTW3 version 4.0 est sorti !!! L31k66zvjcw0cpd6g

  • New rating system for all factions.
  • New Command Point (CP) unit.
  • Morale
  • Fatigue
  • Infantry
  • Cavalry
  • Artillery


Reworked SP Campaign

NTW3 version 4.0 est sorti !!! 14012427254_e92cb8cced_z

Please find detailed Release Notes notes and additional info about SP Campaign by following this link:


New fully integrated SP & MP Naval Battles

NTW3 version 4.0 est sorti !!! Concur10

Lord Commodore Wesley's Realistic Naval mod has been now fully integrated in version 4. This is a much enhanced version of the popular Grand Fleet mod by Sharp Originally put in to help with the single player campaign, these much more realistic Battles are available both in multiplayer and singleplayer.

Some of the changes in Wesley's own words:



New HB Battles

NTW3 version 4.0 est sorti !!! 4f2mfbrn609067k6g

NTW3 version 4.0 est sorti !!! Vma9wpmnx7sgbxp6g

NTW3 version 4.0 est sorti !!! C2ty5scocqxbytk6g

In a future patch, you'll have the pleasure to test 2 new HB battles, those of La Rothiere and Corunna.



  • Lord Avon Ulysses
  • Lord Bloody Bill
  • Lord Commodore Wesley
  • Lord Cosak
  • Lord Davn
  • Lord Desaix
  • Lord Fullin
  • Lord LeglessLannes
  • Lord Liberalis
  • Lord Sean Cappone
  • Lord Von Clausewitz

NTW3 version 4.0 est sorti !!! ?xq99n5iw9khp183

Our thanks to the artist Katrin ’Rai-che’ Buttigova and the person who commissioned this work for allowing it to be the face of our V4 release. Katrin is a freelance artist and available for commissions so please check out her portfolio.

About the artist

NTW3 version 4.0 est sorti !!! 24942

"I'm a 24 years old illustrator, student of history of art and napoleonic reenactor from the Czech Republic. I've been focusing on history in my artwork and studies for eight years."

Special thanks to AL42, Bastiendep & Firetight (for the loadscreens), Chuckman (for his research), Churruca (for HB), Girona (2d graphics), Oby (for the telescope animation), Uxbrigde (unit models), Vilain de Bourg-en-Bresse (SP help), Ziuk, plus contributions from our fans.



Before installing the new version, remove all previous NTW3 installations in your /napoleon total war/data folder. Just double click on the NTW3 uninstaller(s).

Run the installer & it will install/update NTW3 automatically, providing Napoleon :Total War is installed in the default location.

If it's not, you will just need to point the installer to the location & it will do the rest.
When you go to play use the NTW3 icon as usual.

If correctly installed you should see in the start-up screen a small red text saying MOD Version 4.0.

NTW3 version 4.0 Main Pack
NTW3 version 4.0 est sorti !!! 70195

NTW3 version 4.0 HB Pack
NTW3 version 4.0 est sorti !!! 70194


User Interface Mod
If your screen resolution is above 1600, we highly recommend you to download this little mod that will greatly enhance your visual comfort in the Unit Selection Screen.
Just download, unpack and place into your /napoleon total war/data folder.

Download Pre-Battle Unit Selection mod

NTW3 version 4.0 est sorti !!! Lordzts

A big fat THANK YOU to the entire community for keeping this mod alive.

Vive l'Empereur!,

The Lordz
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NTW3 version 4.0 est sorti !!!
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