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 Empire of Slashers

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MessageSujet: Empire of Slashers   Ven 23 Oct - 11:09

I have honour to speak on behalf of a clan - Empire of Slashers. I would like to open at you embassy, and also to strengthen friendship between our clans.

Ich habe die Ehre, im Namen des Klans - Empire of Slashers zu sagen. Ich wollte bei Ihnen die Botschaft öffnen, sowie, die Freundschaft zwischen unseren Klanen festigen.

J'ai l'honneur de parler de la part du clan - Empire of Slashers. Je veux ouvrir chez vous l'ambassade, ainsi qu'affermir l'amitié entre nos clans.
Here the reference to our site ( ) in which you can open the embassy. We a Russian-speaking clan but understand English (through translators we understand both French and German language.

Die Verbannung auf unsere Webseite ( ) in den können Sie die Botschaft öffnen. Wir verstehen den russischsprachigen Klan aber die englische Sprache (durch die Übersetzer verstehen wir sowohl französisch als auch das Deutsche.

Voici la référence à notre site ( ) à qui vous pouvez ouvrir l'ambassade. Nous le clan russe mais comprenons l'anglais (dans les interprètes nous comprenons la langue française et allemande.


I apologise have not absolutely understood with your site therefore transfer a theme where it is necessary.

Je m'excuse a compris pas tout à fait avec votre site c'est pourquoi transférez le sujet où il faut.
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De Nansouty

Carnet militaire.
Affecté Affecté : Etat-major

MessageSujet: Re: Empire of Slashers   Sam 24 Oct - 13:31

Welcome Vito!

Thanks to you to open your embassy in our Clan.
It's a pleasure to establish goods and friendly relations between our two Clans.
I hope Dragons and EoS will play many times together or against in the game.
My ambassador will come as soon as possible to create in his turn our embassy.

See you soon on 3vs3 Automn tournament...

Kinds regards.

De Nansouty

Mieux vaut vivre un jour comme un lion que cent ans comme un mouton.

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MessageSujet: EoS   Sam 24 Oct - 15:30

For me too it is very pleasant. We will wait while you will open the embassy at us)
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MessageSujet: Re: Empire of Slashers   Mar 5 Jan - 11:24

Salut les Dragons

We want invite you to our tournament ETW 1vs1

our embassy:
registration on forum:
registration on tournament:

Vive le Roi
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De Nansouty

Carnet militaire.
Affecté Affecté : Etat-major

MessageSujet: Re: Empire of Slashers   Mar 5 Jan - 19:37

Hi Kater, thanx for the invitation.

It will be a pleasure and a honnor for the dragons.
I come as soon as possible.

Kind regards.

Mieux vaut vivre un jour comme un lion que cent ans comme un mouton.

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Beef a-la Russe

MessageSujet: Re: Empire of Slashers   Ven 18 Fév - 0:02

Greetings to the honorable Royal Dragons
I would like to invite you to our 1x1 NTW land tournament the “Sich Cup” organized by the EoS clan.

Rules of the tournament

How to register on the forum (eng)

Registration thread
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Carnet militaire.
Affecté Affecté : Réserviste

MessageSujet: Sich Cup Rules   Ven 18 Fév - 17:57

Sich Cup rules

I. The tournament format

The Sich Cup will begin on 24 February. The registration closes on 23 of February 12 AM. The Sich Cup is a 1 vs 1 knockout tournament. Each match lasts until one party gets 2 victories. At the end of the tournament the final battle and the battle for the 3d place will be held.

In case 3 players remain at the end of the tournament they will play with each other 2 more games (round robin). The player who takes the most points will be the winner of the tournament in such case. In case of points' equality between two players after the round robin they will play an additional round until one party gets 2 victories.

The player listed first in the fixtures will attack first and choose his nation first. The player listed second in the fixtures will attack first and choose his nation first in the second game. In case the third battle is needed the player who won in the second battle will attack first and choose his nation first in the third battle.
In the host one must confirm the selection of nation in the game chat. After the written confirmation one is not allowed to change his nation. There shall not be duplicate nations on the same battlefield. Teams cannot pick the same faction twice in the same round.

Set-up of the host

Large funds/ normal regiments (80 men per line infantry)
No time limit.
Afternoon, dry weather.

II. Battle maps

The maps will change each round. In case of the third game necessity and in every final match the map will be Grassy Flatlands.

The maps for each round are

First round. Italian Flatlands
Second round. Galacian Ria
Third round. Homestead
Fourth round. Prussian Hills
Fifth round. Arid Cliffs

III. Army selection

Rules for each player:
Max 2 artillery, no fixed artillery, no 20-lb unicorns;
Max 4 lancer cavalry;
Max 5 light infantry/skirmishers units
All DLC units are allowed

One should follow the limits provided by the game for the amount of some units (guard regiments and DLC units)

IV. Red-Line Rule

Camping near the red line and in the corner of the red line is forbidden. If the space between the player and the red line is lees then 100 paces it is treated as camping. It is forbidden to deploy stakes closer than 100 paces to the red line. Breaching of the red-line rule shall entail either technical defeat of the violator or game rematch (to be considered by the administrators depending on the severity of the red-line rule violation) unless the other party wins such game (in such case the victory counts).
One is able to breach the red-line rule in case one is trying to overflank the opponent. In case two players try to overflank each other they are able to breach the red-line rule as long as they conduct active fighting on that flank. In case one ceases active fighting on the flank he must get at least on 100 paces off the red line.

V. Technical Issues
Battles with technical problems, such as drops, must be rehosted unless one party earned a significant advantage on the battlefield which must be proved with the screenshots. The screenshot proving the victory must cover the whole battlefield.
In rematched battles, the same armies must be deployed, unless otherwise agreed by both parties. If one party does not follow the present rule the other party can claim for another rematch.

If the player drops more than two times in a battle, he gets a technical defeat in this battle.

VI. Violations

Should you notice that your opponents have broken a rule, notify them about this politely and try to solve the issue by either agreeing on continuing the game as it is, or restarting it. The game must be paused during discussions.

If you notice you have broken the rule, similarly tell your opponent, and try to solve the issue by either continuing with the game or restarting the game.

In case a plaeyr repeats violations during the rematches which makes it impossible to continue the match such a player may be subject to technical defeat in the battle or in the match in whole by the decision of the aministrators.

VII. Schedule

Each round begins on Thursday 12.00 GMT and lasts one week up to 23.59 GMT of the following's week Wednesday. If one cannot get the match played on time (until 23.59 GMT of the Wednesday), one shall be disqualified.

Players are required to respond in their battle fixture thread within 24 hours of the start of each round. In the event of a dispute, failing to do this may be treated as having failed to field a team for a match if the match isn't played on time.

The default time for all matches is Saturday 20.00 GMT.

The adjustment of any other playing time should be executed by the parties in their match threads.

Absence of one of the players during 30 min after the designated playing time will result in disqualification by the claim of the waiting player. The player claiming for victory must post in the match thread immediately after the 30 minutes have passed.
The players can reschedule and play any forfeited games on their own accord before the end of the round.

VIII. Miscellaneous

Please, keep all communications in the match threads.

Administrators reserve the right to change the rules during the tournament. The format of the tournament may change if there will be less than 64 registered players when the registration closes.
In case of necessity to solve difficult situations and incidents not provided by the present rules they will be solved by the administrators separately.

EoS clan wishes you good luck on the Sich Cup tournament.
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MessageSujet: Re: Empire of Slashers   

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Empire of Slashers
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